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What a blessing it is to learn.

Every year I getting a deeper definition of what I want,

and what I can live without.

Everyone needs 24 hours in the world by themselves. Yesterday I spent my last day in Spain by myself, and it was amazing. Clarity away from your current residence is everything! Now, I just want everyone in the world to feel it as well! It’s easy for us, as humans to be social, follow the crowd, or take advice from others. However, what I have observed is that it is really challenging for the current generation to spend time by themselves positively reflecting.

Appreciating silence and mentally clarity is an option not commonly chosen. However, from my perspective, it has the highest sanity boosting potency!

You will always come back into the world a better person when you have a strong realization of who you are.

It just makes everything so easy. It bring understanding vs. just simply having knowledge.

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