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I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.”
-Oscar Wilde 


Travel serves as a mediator through a vast meadow of authenticity purifiers. The act of traveling and witnessing of new surrounding creates a “New Canvas” feeling. Your brain is naturally triggered to paint out its fantasy from a land that has zero essence to your recollection.

This is where the Art comes in. Traveling produces wisdom.

The best history book is your diary. Your thoughts that turned into theories, which blossomed into reality are beautiful.

Wait, actually they are STUNNING!

Your diary documents the inches that grew into miles; way before you knew the thing you were walking on was called a road. Long ago, you would have enjoyed the scenery more had you known that the path you were taking would lead you where you are now. So if life is meant to be understood at its own time, allow yourself the time to write down the makings of its greatness.

For me, the only way I could travel at the rate that was financial responsible was to evaluate my living expenses. In March, I started a year long cleanse from apparel shopping! All the money I saved goes directly to traveling 🙂


Here more about the “cleanse” I did to make this dream a reality 


Live and Live well



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