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The Return Back Home

With my eyes still mesmerized from the sights from Thailand, I laid awake in my bed and listened for a sign. A thought. A memo. Even a regret. Fortunately, none of those events invited themselves to my room. So I got up, turned on my laptop, and started writing.

I had spent my 25th day of my golden year on multiple planes that carried me to the journey that anxiously waited for my arrival in SF. The sights of Thailand had aged me.

Scars I did not know existed were healed.

I can’t remember an event that didn’t trigger me to write in my journal the whole trip. When I glanced at my notes to proofread my entries on the plane, I questioned what part of me had wrote them. I knew my spirit had re-emerged however, the degree of her presence left me in shock. She led me to uncompromising joy, and demanded I relished in the moment until I ultimately understood it could be that way forever.

The images tattooed in my brain were not of the elephants I road or the infinity pools I floated in without a care. It was the countless times I looked to my left, then to my right, and noticed I was alone. I was alone in Thailand and it felt angelic. The overwhelming uplifting experience brought the best parts of me to dance in the surface of my reality.

Fear no longer frolicked around my mind. Instead confidence unpacked its bags and settled into my soul. Knowing that the life already designed for me was eagerly awaiting my arrival, I thought back to where it all was questioned. The place where my distinction started to rise without asking for attention. The poem that grew through my soul. Then it blossomed through my hands. Giving a normal pen the power to birth unforeseen honor to a sheet of paper with the charismatic help of words. And, with the affinity of the ink, my soul said,

October 12, 2010…

“If you gave me a chance,
I would tell you my truth.
My only thing,
And the key to my pride. 
If you swore not to judge me
I would tell you….
I can fly.
With my dreams as my wings,
And my soul floating high.
I spread my wings,
And sail through the sky.”





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