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Creating a Meaningful Life Through Awareness

Pay attention to your intentions. Through the act of awareness you can cultivate a sustainable force of positive energy; which can provide a means of strength more potent then any external validation.

Invitations are the bridge between your heart’s desire’s and your current reality. The most humblest part of you yearns to be invited.

“Is it ok for me to do this?”

“Is it ok for me to be great?”

While most socially fueled cultures use titles, certifications, and a measure of our cognitive intelligence as invitations, it is important that they only serve as tangible cheerleaders.

You have already received your invitation at birth. It is merely up to you if and when you feel like you should attend the life uniquely designed to you.

IMG_5830This mindset may come naturally through an abundance of divine training wheels in your beginning stages of life from your family, friends, and academic surroundings. However, if you haven’t received that support, it is never too late to start today. Your ability to be the sole-navigator of your awareness allows you to do so.

Like all unconsciousness habits, you must start by consciously forming memories to fuel your shift in awareness.

  • What do you need: A set of blank invitations.
  • What do you do: Whenever you participate in an event that was ignited by your heart’s desire, also known as your dreams, make that moment significant.
    • Use the blank invitations card to write down the encouragement and reflection that will captain your innate spirit towards divine greatness.
  • What do you gain: A key that unlocks the gate to the bridge of your heart’s reality. You have always had the key. You just need to find it. Only through paying attentions to your intentions, and creating meaningful moments will this key work in your favor.
    • At a certain point in receiving these invitations, you will unconsciously invite yourself out of your comfort zone and bring joy to new learning experiences from the intrinsic gifts they will bring.


Stitch This: Let’s give it a try!

For the next six months, I am going to invite, thank, say hello, and celebrate the existence of the events that fuel my hearts desires. Through these invitations, my goal is to foster a unconscious habit of positive re-enforcement, cultivated by an abundance of meaningful heart driven moments.

I started by bringing more meaning to my explorations through travel. Here is my first example, in Tahoe this past weekend. When I got back home from my trip, I wrote in the card how this trip made me feel, what it taught me, and where I wanted to go (physically and mentally) next from it’s learnings.




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