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They are all properties of you, but let’s breakdown what brings out their traits.

The Victim never makes time for what makes her happy and eventually feels punished. Though she waits, she has also forgotten everything this world has already invited her to attend. She dwells only in the shadow of her ego, while the sun stays in place showcasing the warmth her true reality has to offer.

The Villain is never happy with its means and joyfully travels an endless journey to find the most negative views to celebrate its existence.

The Victor is always excited to celebrate her surroundings, and makes a safe haven for all other celebrants. Everyday she offers the Victim and the Villian a room in her home. She understands the two and keeps her heart open to their journey. She knows today is merely a reflection of the gratitude she has towards her existence, and curiously craves more expressions of her life. She knows her past and present. Full of thanks, she salutes the two unconditionally.



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