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GETTING USE|D| TO YOU : Repurposing a Staple Item 3 Different Ways for Three Different Occasions.


Dress Vest



I bought this dress for under $5 from a Goodwill near my college in 2009. Even though I loved it enough to buy it at the time, I didn’t wear it for years. I’m not sure how it escaped my semi-annual “Closet Clean Outs”.  This is where I gave all of my unwanted clothing to Thrift and Consignment Stores. It wasn’t until 2011 that I decided it was an appropriate dress for a College Acceptance Party that my mom threw for my older sister.

The No Apparel Shopping Cleanse reunited me with this Salmon Dress again. However, this time I was extremely attracted to the idea of wearing it immediately! I wore it to a couple of events and received nothing less than 5 compliments every time. I don’t know if it was the dress or the fact that I was so in love with the idea of wearing it. My confidence naturally intrigued the crowds around me. My love for this cleanse has grown so deep that, I challenged myself to wear this dress in   unconventional ways. Which brought me to transforming this dress into a vest! This indirectly drifted me to the theory that every piece of clothing that buttons/zips from the top all the way to the bottom… a vest!

  Cheers! I’ve just increased my Closet’s capabilities by 15%!



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