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A Weekend with Oprah & The Girls

This weekend, my sisters and I bought tickets to go to “Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend” as a present to our mom for her birthday. What better gift than an experience that nutures our mind and journey to creating a meaning life than to spending it with your mother.

IMG_4003Throughout the 2 day conference, I had bursts of enlightenment that were disguised as moments of awareness. These moments triggered me to write and reflect….

Moments of Silence

I spend a lot of time defending my thoughts. Loud and proud, I speak with a shield to magnify my mind’s perspective. It wasn’t until now, in the cold seat of the SAP Center in San Jose that I realized there is never a good reason to defend your beliefs. There is only opportunities to teach and showcase its artistry. 
The amount of energy that you give to your divine gifts defines its presence….or better yet, it defines how presently it lives in you. 
Your spirit can not roam free if you shelter its perception. You will never have time to care about what matters the most to you if you spend time giving energy to “other” things. The awareness of our wisdom, as humans, lived lucidly in the auditorium.
Oprah only spent time celebrating her spirit’s need to help  and it was obvious during her speeches and the recognition speeches that people made to her. She never spent time defending it and that has made all the difference in her journey. She allocates her energy to love and nothing else. 
I must let all forms of defense go in order to flourish in my spirit’s being. I must let my divinity nurture me to the point that it nurtures and enriches anything in the space connected to me.” 
Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the conference:
  • “Be responsible for the energy you bring into a room”
  • “When you get clarity, things clear up. They meet you right where you are””
  • “Courage is doing what you need to do before you have to do it”
  • “You must be willing to lose it all to gain yourself “
  • “Freedom is a God given right. Authenticity means you stand in your heart receiving all experiences of expression of your life.”
  • “The way to get clarity is to get still”
  • “No system of thought will get you to the truth. Only silence will”
  • “Silence is God’s language, everything else is a poor translation”
  • “Look at the world as a reflection of your innerstate. Always. If you don’t like the reflection, don’t try to break the mirror. Go back into that still-ness and shift. The world will shift for you. Every situation, every circumstance, every relationship, every moment, is a reflection of you at that moment”

We did this AMAZING exercise that focused on closing our eyes and picturing someone we loved. After we were able to see their face in our thoughts, we each wrote down what we wished for that specific person (with emphasis on the non-tangible things). I chose to write to my little sister.

I wish a life for you that flourishes in your greatness. A life that will allow the world to learn from your vision in a way that evolves not only our hearts but our minds. I want you to take pride and priority in the divine characteristics that make you marvelous. You are an unrepeatable artist. Have trust that the world will wait for your guidance.”

After everyone finished writing and sharing what we wrote, Oprah said the point of that exercise was to figure out what we wanted for ourselves. That is our heart’s desire. AMAZING!

 No Apparel Shopping Cleanse

On March 24th, 2014, I made a vow not to shop for apparel for a year in order to focus my spending habits on experiences (such as traveling) verses more material things. I am now 8 months in and the mental transformation has been nothing less than what I can describe as a blessing. (Click here to read more information in regards to the No Apparel Shopping Cleanse)

This weekend challenged me to dig deep in my closet. Which re-introduced to me some pieces of clothing that I had given up on. I purchased the red cape a year ago for work, however I never found the right time to wear it…Until now.

IMG_0038_21The same theory existed for my white trench coat. I purchased it roughly a year and a half ago from a thrift store with my dad. Just like the red cape, it’s existence in my life did not feel the need to make itself present until this weekend. 




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