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No lesson can be taught to the students that refuses to acknowledge they are in class.

You lose all your rights to grow from a mistake or an experience when you fabric its truth. This is typical for millennials with the social expectations of at least one online profile with transparent goals for the future. However, what we fail to realize is the level of admiration in our faults. When you are completely aware of your current reality, you are able to maximize your learnings from it.

The best history does not have a fairy tale ending. It has an understanding of life through a new lens. Phrases like, “a black cloud is following me” and “why me?” are the emotional savings bonds that we ironically expect to appreciate into gold coins of confidents. In the book Emotional Equations, By Chip Conley, he says “…

“Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky’s landmark psychological research backs up all of this by showing that losses or negative experiences in our life have two to four times as great an impact on us as similar positive experiences. Negative experiences are far more destructive to our psyche than positive ones are constructive. That’s why our math needs to skew positively in the three-to-one to five-to-one range, as one zinger of a negative can cancel out a bushelful of positives.”

I agree with this! I am also a firm believer that we control 90% of how we perceptive our reality. This is where the fun begins!

 Since you are the sole-owner of 90% of your vision of the world, make the executive decision to see every shortcoming as a blessing.



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