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For me, 2014 was the year of Awareness. As the days led up to 2013’s NYE, my soul desperately needed my mind to take something more serious then it had in the past.

 I remember talking to friends from different groups, and discussing what my final plan would be for NYE. I was so excited! I had NYE and New Years Day off!

A sea of different events were being brought to my attention….and none of them seemed like I should be there. I called all of my friends back, while holding in my tears, and explained to them how I couldn’t go to any of the events they had presented. Plus, the ones I had presented. I told them the only thing I wanted to do was go to my Dad’s house.

I needed to bring in the New Year with someone who had clues to the reason for my existence. My soul was demanding me to be with someone who could help define my essence. I wanted 2014 to be more then a party without a purposeful celebration. I wanted a purpose!

So, I drove to my Dad’s house and spent the whole night talking to him about the blessing of being in sync with one’s creativity. We discussed the transformation of turning the wealth of your soul to financial wealth. He spoke about his paintings and what they meant to him. He was authentically happy when he talked about the future they will create for me.

It made me think, what was I going to give to my children. Was I actively working towards finding what my gift of creatively was? I had to give them something! To deprive them of a world so special would be unethical! My Dad often talked about my dreams as a child of wanting to be a lawyer and getting my Doctorates in Law. He thought it would be cool to have 3 generations of Dr. Fashokun(s), and me being the first female. However, I was so intrigued with having the honor of wearing the title of “An Artist’s Offspring”. It says so much about the lens that one sees the world. My concern was making sure my kids got that title. After I did that, whatever I studied in school would be a natural extension of my divinity.

Conversations like these, made me realize how important it was to find my purpose. It is the fuel for my creativity. All I want to do this year, is be AWARE. A series of events throughout the year complimented my journey of awareness through travelling, challenging my scope of leadership at work, and improving the social environment around me.

It wasn’t until July that I felt comfortable titling 2014, The Year of Awareness. You may be able to see it sooner than me. If you need time, understand that is fine too. Looking back at the past events you have invited yourself to, helps you understand what you ultimately were looking for in them. For next year, 2015 will be  The Year of Curiosity for me! I am going to approach life with curiosity instead of fear by actively exploring the subjects I favored through the awareness I gained in 2014.




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