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“Let us be brave with one another, for these are the days.”

And yes, we were. Infused with affinity and new formed friendships, the night brought more then dinner and dessert. It brought hope for more heart filled friendships that live deep within our purest intentions.

Life is more than its exterior. Through all of the moments that invited me into its harmony, the one thing I have learned is to appreciate the energy that comes complementary with these experiences. Last Saturday, a few girlfriends and I were talking over brunch when someone mentioned having a holiday dinner.

Overwhelmed with glee, I instantly started to picture what I wanted that night to look like. We planned it in 7 days and for each days before that night, every word spoke in its favor.


I could not wait to be around these blessings and laugh until are smiles decided to tattooe their love on our faces.


Filled with laughter, I never wanted the night to end. To stop time, and focus on solely to recognize the gift of life spent with people who make you better is one of the best feelings this season can influence. The ten of us shared stories, goals, and everything in between for hours while indulging in the beautifully served meals of the Restaurant Anzu, in the Nikko Hotel in SF.


All geniuses in their own realm. Women hungry to support and flourish in there divine greatness. My heart could not stop singing its praise for this evening. This was another chance. Another chance  to celebrate every blessing that 2014 had provided us and cheers into our next season of accomplishments. With every second, comes the responsibility to be happy….and genuinely happy to be distinct.


 All these women have moved mountains,

Created visions that most would say were myths,

Found inner peace in their abilities to be great,

…and have helped so many people along the way.

Covered with memories, my Sunday night is full of smiles from this Friday’s past celebration.


 “True friendship is a sacred, important thing, and it happens when we drop down into that deeper level of who we are, when we cross over into the broken, fragile parts of ourselves. We have to give something up in order to get friendship like that. We have to give up our need to be perceived as perfect. We have to give up our ability to control what people think of us. We have to overcome the fear that when they see the depths of who we are, they’ll leave. But what we give up is nothing in comparison to what this kind of friendship gives to us. Friendship is about risk. Love is about risk. If we can control it and manage it and manufacture it, then it’s something else, but if it’s really love, really friendship, it’s a little scary around the edges.”
-from the book, Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist

Thinking back to that night, as I prepared for Monday, I wonder why time decided to move so fast. These pictures bring back my smile that lived that day, and I am reminded of the real reason those seconds moved so quickly. For they new the future. The future minutes, hours, and days that awaited similar celebrations with these souls.


Its hard for me not to stare at the pictures, over and over again. I get so excited! I see everyone of my friends at their best and glimpses of the future that patiently awaits for their arrival.


These are my type of friends. They have all held a sacred spot as one my “Four Corners” at one point in my life (Click here to learn more about the concept behind Four Corners). They have allowed me to see life in ways that can be described as “unreasonable” for most. However, for them, it is nothing less than gracefully deserved.


What started out to be one evening of food, fun, and freedom has blossomed into an impromptu tradition. With our hopes to do similar events like this quarterly, I can feel my heart warming up to the idea of what better blessings will come with those memories.






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