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Think Week | Part 2

9/27: Part 1

Who knew life would be this good if I 100% relied on faith?

During my massage, a voice spoke to me with great division from my current reality.

“Don’t worry about your makeup. It has nothing to do with your manifestation.”

That is when I knew my spirit had resurfaced.

9/27: Part 2

I took my time getting lost. Knowing that the gift of being found was secondary. God, thank you and thank you again.

As I walked around the hotel, I stumbled upon an area that resembled a golf course with solar panels parked in the middle. As I walked closer to the ledge I knew a blessing was approaching. The site that followed reassuranced me that life is meant to be understood at it’s own time. I didn’t know upon booking my ticket to Phuket I would see an overview so graceful. All I could do was thank God over and over again.



It was more then I expected but exactly what God promised to show me.


Where the water knows more then the land.
You changed me.
You made me wise beyond my eyes.
You taught me the being of my beauty,
And challenged me to find meaning in all things.



I fell in love with myself in Thailand.

I fell in love with all of me.
My past.
My present.
My unknown.
My story.


And there, in the airplane, as I stood there waiting for the occupied bathroom stall to open, my tears began to fall. The overwhelming feeling of being better had entered me and started to take over.

I was better, and looked forward to the more that would come from it. 

Returning back to my seat faced further challenges since my tears were not done spreading their grace on my face. I was indeed having a moment, and for a second I pridefully wiped them away in shame of the person next to me seeing. Realizing the honor in this moment, I stopped and allowed them to fall in peace. For if the passenger next to me witnessed them falling, I would pass her my iPad and share all the entries I had typed during my trip with confidence that her tears would do the same.


The Day After Thought

My definition of celebration had changed.

I lived  life without compromises. Every decision was made with confidence. I found ways to accept the possibility of my death through curiosity and made sure it was a story worth telling.

Overflowing with bubbles and filled with warm water, I spent my early mornings reading in my hotel bathtubs . My new home reminded me of scenes a baby will remember in its mother’s womb. Here is where the words within books and my spirit were able to meet on common ground.

The old me was comfortable taking. So I bought myself gifts. Gifts that I didn’t need, but only wanted. However the new me was awakened, and wanted to give more then I had received. I gave away every material gift (I thought I needed) from Thailand to my family. I knew in my heart, I only needed the experience. The things I bought were only gifts that had the power of sharing the essences of my joy.

Phuket taught me how to use my time to condition my heart. So often we wait until we are drained to listen to our bodies. We overcommit and ignore signs of mental depletion. However, we rarely factor in what would happen if we spent time healing our souls. The benefit is that it builds is a stronger connection with your soul. Letting it roam free and flourish through your organs. This allows every part of you to speak clearly into your celebration of the world.

This is vital for your divinity to live out loud.



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