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We all have FOUR!

These are the four people we directly and indirectly rely on to expand our reflection and decision making. We subconsciously report to these four individuals for growth in any direction. Depending who you have in your four corners determines your vision of reality. The ideal characteristics for the place holders of my corners are (and this is not in any particular order):

Corner 1: The Humble One

Corner 2: The Career Driven One

Corner 3:  Artistically Ambitious One  

Corner 4: The Celebrant

For me, at this age, this blend has worked out perfectly!

This week, start to take note of the people you trend to consult the most. Whether it’s professional, emotional, therapeutic or anything else. If you spend 75% of your conversations with that person, guess what, they are one of your four corners! For example, your spouse is one of your corners because they have a high level of influence in your decision making.

Life starts to get interesting when you address these influencers by their role from your awareness. As mentioned in the “The Mentality of Music’s Melody” Exercise  “An influencer can be one of your 4 corners on purpose on or on accident. Which directly correlates with where your are at in life with your net value mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.”

After you address who holds these 4 positions, be encouraged to get the most out of these relationships or empowered to alter them based on the growth you want to achieve!


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