Think Weekend

A Think Weekend is a two day version of a Think Week.


Think Week is a 7 day solo retreat from your social norm that enables you to mentally recharge and excel your personal development. Think Weeks are usually done in a location distant from your residence to provide a feeling of farsighted self-observation. Locations away from your residence, are also used to control the temptation of prematurely reconnecting with social influences. However, depending on your level of your self-discipline, they can also be done at home.

If your schedule can not commit to 7 days of vacation time, opt for the Think Weekend to gain mental clarity towards your ambitions. You can do this at home or travel to another location. Just power off your phone and turn off the wifi on your devices. Personally, I like to take it to the next level and restrict the usage of music and television during this activity.

In order to reap the mental and spiritual benefits for this activity you must ban the use of connectivity to all social platforms. These environments include: phone calls, emails, messaging apps, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and similar social connecters. This time of seclusion is for you to reflect on the environment you have invited yourself to and decide if you want to continue to do so going forward. In some cases, you may be exactly where you need to be, and this activity will help you feel good about the strides you are making. On the other hand, this activity can heighten your sense of awareness of the directional decisions you need to make in order to stay on track for living a fulfilled life.

This quest for mental mediation will provide clarity to various life influencers such as; careers, relationships, level of self-esteem, and the list goes on.

As mentioned in the article, Why You Need a Think Week like Bill Gates, he was quoted to say,

Twice a year, I get out of the office, breaking from my normal routine, for much needed “Think Weeks.” By actively disconnecting and looking at everything from 50,000 feet, I am able to effectively reflect, reset, and clearly rethink my goals and aspirations….For each “Think Week,” I create a life to-do list, do a lot of research, and think through big ideas and challenges deeply. Going through this process has been enlightening.

This is your time to internally reflect. By temporary disconnecting with the world, you are able to reconnect with a stronger drive towards your purpose. You can utilize the structure that Bill Gates favors  like creating a “life to-do list” or  you can create your own structure!

Before hand, research thought-provoking activities and reading materials that will support the mental navigation toward your innate goals. This time of reflection can be the most influential memory you create since the time you realized you wanted more out of life then what was present. Be respectful and use it wisely.

Below are some insightful articles that I have gathered information on to explain what a Think Week consists of. Feel free to click on the links to learn more