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Cost of Complaining Exercise

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What is getting in your way from appreciating your conditions and gaining the lifestyle you want? What factors can you control personally to ensure that you are not being derailed from achieving your goals. Let’s concentrate on the factors that influence the largest % of your decision making and perception of your surroundings.

In the article, Does Complaining Damage Our Mental Health, Dr. Guy Winch, PhD, states,

“The problem is that today we associate the act of complaining with venting far more than we do with problem solving. As a result, we complain simply to get things off our chest, not to resolve problems or to create change, rendering the vast majority of our complaints completely ineffective.”

It’s time to make the shift from complaining to problem solving! Hold yourself accountable by making this exercise financially realistic!  The Cost of Complaining Exercise is a cost-conscious exercise that allows you to see that influence that your verbal actions have on your quality of life. We all understand the basic fundamentals of money and paying for the purchases (goods/services) that benefit us personally. Let’s start treating complaining as a purchase that we pay for to use to our benefit and reflect on how that feels. 


  • What to do:
    • Find a friend to do this exercise with.
    • Every time you complain give your friend $1.00
      • (Be honest with yourself. If you cheat the only person who loses is you, because you won’t be actively working on changing your perceptive)
    •  Roles
      • Seller = Your friend provides the service of listening to your complaints
      • Buyer = You, the consumer pays for the service of complaining
      • Complaining = Service
      • Dollar Amount = Energy
  • Outcome:
    • If this exercise is taken seriously, then your awareness of complaining will be so sharp that you will find it financially reckless to add any energy towards that habit!
  • Learnings:
    • As a friend, you are now aware of what kind of conversations you invite and make yourself available to.
    • As a buyer, you are now aware of how much money/energy you investment in strengthening your skill of complaining instead of forming solutions to turn you obstacles into successes.
    • Building awareness, indirectly helps you either drift towards or away from what your mind finds helpful to your well-being.