Project Overview

No Apparel Shopping Cleanse

Mental Endurance / Exercises / Self Actualization
Before you say no, what are you afraid of?

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  • Rules
    • With the exception of under garments, you can not purchase apparel for a self-selected amount of time.
  • Levels of the Cleanse
    • Beginners: 3 Months
    • Intermediate: 6 Months
    • Advance: 12 Months

  • The Goal: To reconnect with your innate style and reduce impulse purchases. This will allow you to wisely spend your money on what counts the most….experiences! Whether you want to travel,….etc. This challenge will be your biggest cheerleader for you to make it to that finish line!
  • Cheat Meal: Has your fien for a new shirt or skirt become unbearable? No worries, this cleanse allows 1 “Cheat Meal”.
    • This is a free pass to buy 1 article of clothing once during your entire cleanse. Here’s the catch. You must write a reflection entry regarding your purchase. One week later, write another entry on why you bought it last week and do you still love it. Lastly, after you have worn it, write one more entry about why you bought it and if you still like it. This exercise is here to ensure you stay on track. Remember, you deserve this!

In addition to guiding you back to your divine style, this activity can also support financial goals! Personally, I used this exercise along with the Shopping Tracker, (shown below) to continuously work on budging effectively for my desires. This exercise helped support my love of traveling by providing me the financial means! My goal is to go on 3 oversees trips per year.  I know that may seem like a huge financial expense. However, by not spending my money on things that have no intrinsic value to me, it actually balances out.
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