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Purpose Awakening by Touré Roberts

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Discover the Epic Idea that Motivated Your Birth


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Excerpt From: Touré Roberts. “Purpose Awakening.”

“Nothing about you is unoriginal. You weren’t formed on an assembly line that uses common parts, but were hand woven and brilliantly crafted out of the essence of God Himself. Every detail about you has meaning and significance and must be embraced by you, before anyone else will.
Remember, there’s no one on this planet like you for a reason. No one before you was like you, nor will anyone be who comes after you. You are it. There was only one you mold made; after you were formed its mission was complete and it vanished. Your life is the result of a brilliant idea in God’s mind. His brilliance is infinite, and He never recycles great ideas. There’s only one you and that you is beyond amazing. No one can be a better you than you, and the best you emerges when you embrace your distinction.”

“The hardest part of pursuing your purpose is separating yourself from the familiar and stepping into uncharted territory.”

“Every time I allowed my mind to agree with what my heart was already convinced of, I felt tremendous freedom, joy, and optimism about the future that awaited me.”

“The reason why the fulfillment of our purpose doesn’t happen overnight is because our growth, chan”