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Take a look at the people you have titled to be your enemies.

At what point did they get that title?

Why do they still have this title?

It is important to revisit subjects like these to ensure that you are not carrying unnecessarily burdens. They are holding you back from seeing the joy in your current situation and your goal to maintain happiness in your future. If anything, the people you view as enemies are not your problem. You viewing them as enemies is your problem.

In Emotional Equations, by Chip Conley, he states:

“At the heart of this zero-sum game is social comparison, our natural tendency to measure ourselves relative to the benchmarks around us: what is often called “neighbor envy.” Though we may compare ourselves to Martha Stewart or Donald Trump, envy is usually more localized to people we know. We envy people who live much as we do because it seems possible that their gains could have been ours.
Though jealousy tends to be a little more socially acceptable and redeemable, envy lurks in the shadows. That’s part of the reason the envious mind can create an imaginary world of justification. When we envy someone else’s gain, one of the ways we can rationalize the emotion is to imagine he didn’t deserve what he received. In fact, indignation can be a side effect of envy. The next time you feel a little indignant or resentful toward someone else, ask yourself if there’s a thread of envy—the desire to have what he has—behind your emotion.”



“Learn from your emotions. Jealousy can teach you about what you treasure in your life today. Envy can teach you about your future.”
-Chip Conley



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