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This weekend, I couldn’t stop smiling, laughing, and crying. I was honored to be alive.  25, meant that I had another chance to get to know myself again. 

As the minutes moved from Septembers 4th to September 5th, the thought of being in my room was unbearable. So I picked up the journal I received as a birthday present the day before and drove to the beach. Sitting on a bench, I watched the waves play with the ever so flavorful San Francisco sand. Its like the beach couldn’t wait for all of the people to leave so that they could live and live well. The friction of the two created sounds of joy.

As I sat at the bench, the wind made its rounds around my ears, face, and the slight bit of skin that showed right after my leggings but before my sneakers. It was then that I knew the wind would never let me feel like I was alone.

I closed my eyes and allowed the time to pass until I was certain it was no longer September 4th and the 5th was present. Reaching into my pocket, I pulled out a sharpie and opened the first page of my journal. This year has reconnected me with the unconditional love one has for life. Looking back at conversations I had with my father about existence and what it means to be your best piece of artwork, now lived in me comfortably. Those words, lived in me confidently.

Knowing how influential creating an thought-igniting moment can be, I wrote the title of my first book.

The Blessing Magnet, The key to becoming an everlasting celebrant. 

As I have said before in past entries, “ No individual, in this world, is more blessed nor stronger than the other. It is all an act of thinking positively towards our endeavors and experiences that controls our ability to maximize our capabilities.” With every blood cell in my heart, I believe this. And, if I am alive to know so, I must do my part to advocate its favor.

So cheers to the people I may only meet through my words. For you give me strength that you may not even know is valuable.


The weekend that followed into my 25th year was spent with souls that I have to thank God for gifting me with the blessing of friendship. They allow to me  to flourish in my being and they support any idea that I speak into existence.

If you ever get the chance to celebrate with the ones you love.

Do it.


Do it often.


Do it well.

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