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The Quarter of a Century + The Celebrant

For my 25th birthday, I am planning a solo trip to Thailand to celebrate my authenticity! Even writing that first sentence seems unreal…but I am at a point in life where I understand why parents put so much thought into naming their children. Creating a life is an amazing experience. So now its my turn to live with honor!

As I mentally prepare myself for my journey, I smile at the thoughts that have blossomed from the once non-existent idea of traveling alone. The conversations with friends that re-enforced its value, have explored a far way from where my thoughts used to dwell. It was easy for me to say that I could be soulfully satisfied by celebrating my day of birth with a party or going out to an array of bars. But, I need more then that. My heart needs this to exercise my creativity. The ever so tiring feeling of waking up the day-after making the decision to do what was comfortable vs. what was creatively cultivating cheers for my death. Not the physical death but the spiritual death.

The important factor that weighted heavily on my heart was that I was lucid about what was fueling this. It was not my friends, family, coworkers, or socially connected bystanders. It was me. I got used to believing that dreams were meant to stay as dreams and they didn’t have the power to transform.

I went on a date once and the man told me he hate sleeping. Internally, I instantly categorized him as a weirdo which I would want nothing to do with after that day.  However, when I asked him why he hated sleeping, I realized how in tune he was with his celebration. He told me that when he sleeps he dreams about the goals he wants to obtain and he can’t wait to wake up. So he hates sleeping. It was as if the switch of enlightenment was finally able to turn back on with those words. Its a choice.

So, I booked my ticket! At this point, my surroundings would not let my soul be a peace if I did not do it. Every word spoken around me supported it. Every aspect of my environment seemed to focus around it. My mind selectively took what it needed out of my situations to support what my heart wanted to hear.

I have never been to Asia, but comforting enough, the unknown no longer seems scary. It seems necessary.

I am at my best when my environment challenges me. My eyes see clearer when they can’t recognize the street names. My mind is sharper when it is making fresh memories. If anything, I give credit to the books I have read in the last month. Its one thing to have an idea. It is another thing to allow your vision to expand through the thirst of new experiences.

This made me realize something in my mind was changing. If I do not use everything in my power to make it happen, I would be against my own celebration! The potency of my heart’s accountability was growing. My brain is finally adapting to the new norm:

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In honor of who I will become,
The right title for this entry should be “The Epilogue”. 
The conclusion of one stage,
and the introduction of another.

The celebration of my divine style to life.

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