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Think Weekend: Sunday

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Somewhere between 2am and 7am, there was an earthquake. Due to the fact that I wasn’t in my deepest stage sleep, the shaking of my bed prompted my eyes to open. Laying there, I watched my room shake for several seconds. A couple of people stood outside, next to my bedroom window, and ranted about their fears towards earthquakes which caused me to go back to sleep.I woke up around 7am to the sun light meeting in the same location it did the previous day.
Shortly after, I opened my iPad and continued reading A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. As I read the book, I felt different. I could feel my spirit using this book to guide the feelings toward my upcoming day. This was probably because it was the only sound influencer in my vicinity, but I openly invited the words to continue.
My Year of Awareness seemed to be introducing my Year of Curiosity a little earlier then expected. Imaginary scenes of me wandering around a new district or driving to a new city made me smile. I knew I was going to do it. Reading the rest of the chapter I was on in my book just seemed like the right thing to do first.
Finishing my chapter, introduced me to these sentences:
“As I have said before, the main way we learn stories is not through movies or books, it’s through each other. You become like the people you interact with. And if your friends are living boring stories, you probably will too. We teach our children good or bad stories, what is worth living or and what is worth dying for, what is worth pursuing, and the dignity with which a character engages in his own narrative.”
It felt good to read this, knowing that I was temporary disconnected with everyone I knew. The option of sharing it with others did not exist, so I shared it with myself. It was as if, this setting was the only way I would hear it. I love everyone in my life, but it is challenging to see if there could be a different story while being constantly connected. This reminded me of my “Four Corners” exercise and how this weekend Donald Miller (The author of A Million Miles in a Thousand Years) had became one of mine. Click here to read more about the identifying your Four Corner.

This got me out of bed and excited to start my day.

I took the bus to City Hall and decided to walk down Polk street until I saw a bus that would take me to North Beach. As I walked up the street, I saw a restaurant called Myconos and paused. I had probably seen this restaurant several times, but this time I had an emotional bond to it. The menu sign comforted me on my journey across the city.
When I finally arrived in North Beach, I was surprised at what I saw. There was a HUGE Italian influence on the entire district! I was reunited with the joy I found in Italy.
I was at home.
I usually use the last day of my overseas trips to be alone and reflect. When I went to Italy, I talked about doing it but couldn’t find the right time to stray from the group. I missed my opportunity. It was like the world was giving me a second chance to reflect.
So I did. I tried a sample of hazelnut gelato to mirror my day in Florence, but it didn’t taste the same. It reminded me that things were different. I was different because of those experiences.
I went to a restaurant and asked to be seated outside. Watching tourists from all over the world find their way in this city I had not appreciated enough to explore in detail like their eyes craved to do made me realized how blessed was. As I sat there, I wondered what their favorite memory was so far in their trip. What characteristic of San Francisco would change their lives forever?
I finished my meal and walked around with no plans ahead of me. My steps led me to Market Street downtown and where I decided to take the bus home.
I loved today. It was simple yet well spent.
When I got home, I read the rest of my book until it ended. As I sat upright in my bed, I thought about how much I really loved this book! The messages were so clear and profound. It made me think about the fact that I had to turn my phone back on in less than 12 hours, and how grateful I was to have had this experience.
I was excited for the present, the future, and most importantly I was grateful for my past. It was the perfect story and I am excited to let it continue…

It made me wonder.

If I was to turn my blog entries into a book,

would I be satisfied with the story?

And I was.

But more importantly,

I was excited to keep writing.

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