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With Love, 2014

“Start where you are stuck” said yesterday’s mid reminder in my phone. It has finally sunk in.

Okay, here we go. I did not want to write on the first because for me, it felt fueled by the comfortable of imitating my surroundings. So, I’ll start today, where I feel at peace. In the young hours of January 13th, I have decided to write my truth.
2014 loved me.
That year loved me more than I knew this world could provide.
With great honor,
I sailed through days that greeted me with more hellos than my goodbyes could stand.
I was in awe…
all year.
My laptop, my iPad, even my phone,
became my piano.
Playing the notes of my life in ways that mirrored a symphony,
defined by me.
And my eyes,
they saw Adereni for the first time.
graceful, humble, and divine.
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